Edblo Gobabis Base Set


  • Comfort Level 2
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Guarantee: 1 Year
  • Weight per person per side: 100kg
  • Bonnell Spring unit
  • Edge Support

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From the Energiser Range, Edblo Gobabis - Base set
Sleeping Styles: Stomach and back

Comfort Level: Firm
The Edblo Gobabis - Base Set, forms part of the Edblo Energiser range. You'll invest in superior support tailored to your unique sleeping style with the Gobabis Support Top mattress.  Furthermore, this Firm Comfort Support Top is ideal for the stomach and back sleepers

Firm Comfort Support Top
The mattress consists of selected high-density and high resilience comfort layers and fibres. These are designed with your comfort needs in mind. This mattress is a firm feel mattress ideal for supporting stomach and back sleepers spine in perfect alignment.

The top layer of the Edblo Gobabis - Base Set is covered with an antimicrobial textile which limits the formation of fungi and mould as well as bacteria, bad odours and allergens. Mattress hygiene starts on-top, and with this UltraCare textile, you can be sure of a hygienic sleeping surface and environment for the entire family.

Comfort Layers
The mattress consists of long-lasting high density and high resilience foam and fibres, selected for strength and durability. Therefore, the fibre and foam combination will ensure a comfortable and firm sleep surface.

Bonnell Spring Unit
The tried and trusted Bonnell Spring Unit is part of the inner works of this mattress. Consequently, you will experience a gentle firm feel mattress with even sleep support of the entire body.

Edge Support
Edge Support ensures that the mattress edges are well supported. Also, this extra support results in increased mattress durability and sleeping surface since the edges wont sag.

Insulator Pad
Above all, this supportive firm comfort mattress has a superior insulator pad. This Insulator pad secures the inner layers of the mattress and eliminates a springy feel to the mattress. Furthermore, it ensures that the mattress is always comfortable. As a result, the Edblo Gobabis Bed is built to last for years to come.

In any mattress, the inner layers of the mattress must let fresh air through to provide proper ventilation. Great care was taken to place vents around the mattress to support this feature. Therefore, the inner layers of the mattress can breathe, ensuring a healthy mattress free of mould, mildew, bacteria and dust mites.

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