Pillow – Premium Hungarian Goose Down Pillow


Hungarian Goose Down provides unparalleled insulation and lightweight luxury, that is why it is considered the best down filling available. This is attributed to the specialized breeding heritage of Hungarian Geese and the country’s extremely harsh and long winters which enhance the thermal properties of Hungarian Goose Down.

What it feels like A soft and fluffy cloud of comfort.

  • Softest, most luxurious pillow to buy.
  • Best pillow for tummy sleepers. Moulds to your head.
  • Certified 90% Premium hungarian goose down and 10% small feather.

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Filling: Washed, sterilized, sorted, graded to European Down and Feather Association (EDFA) standards including DIN EN 12934, 12935, 12130 and 1164.

Fabric: 100% down-proof cotton and 233 thread count.

Construction: Square casing with piped edging to ensure no leakage.

Guarantee: Two-year guarantee against faulty workmanship or material defect.

Washing: Dry cleanable and suitable for top loader washing machine. Follow instructions on label for best results.

Anti-allergenic: Not known to cause allergies.

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